Personal licence 3500
Commercial License 1500
hosting 500
Recieve 3 months support 1000
Installation and setup 500

NailTech Monsters template

“NailTech Monsters” is an impeccably crafted WordPress website theme template meticulously tailored for salons, nail technicians, and spas, among other related businesses. This aesthetically refined theme serves as a compelling tool to bolster your business’s online presence, subsequently augmenting organic traffic inflow.

Central to its functionality is the provision for engaging and insightful blogs spotlighting the impressive array of work your business has adeptly undertaken. The accompanying interactive feature allowing clients to leave comments cultivates an informed atmosphere where potential patrons can discern whether your offerings align with their preferences and requirements.

A noteworthy attribute of this theme is its seamless integration with PayFast payment gateways. This strategic inclusion empowers your clientele to effortlessly secure session bookings via online transactions, fostering convenience and efficiency in their engagement with your establishment.

By leveraging “NailTech Monsters,” you stand to harness the full potential of a dynamic digital platform. This platform not only showcases your expertise and portfolio but also propels your business towards heightened visibility, engagement, and overall growth.